What You Resist, Persists

To help me sort out my own feelings that I perceive as stressful, I like to listen to the perspective of Eckhart Tolle.  It always mirrors the philosophy that was taught to me by the Spiritual Teachers at the Sivananda Ashram during my yoga teacher’s training.

I wanted to share this clip of Eckhart speaking with Oprah.  I love mud analogy!  Life can get downright messy!  However, it is true that the most muddy obstacles in life are the most tremendous teachers when we face them, go through them and learn from them.

So many health issues can cause stress and emotional suffering.  Similarly, emotional upset can create physical ailments over time.  If we can acknowledge suffering in our lives, and act as the silent witness to it, observe it and learn from it, we can begin to build an inner strength and resiliency in our mind, body and spirit.


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