Curbing Cravings


A popular topic in nutrition that comes up frequently in my office involves Food Cravings.  Cravings for chocolate, for salty food, for sweet food, for more food… these are very common concerns, which can be linked to a variety of underlying issues.

Food cravings can come from one of a number of sources:

– Nutritional imbalances

– Stress

– Boredom

– Hormonal Imbalances

I have worked with many people address the above factors and improving the underlying foundation of health. This can be very effective at eliminating food cravings.

However, the one thing that I consistently see be a powerful way to stabilize hunger and curb cravings, is EXERCISE!  On a day that includes exercise, people have more balanced hunger levels and are less likely to crave their favourite indulgences.

In addition to helping to burn calories, there are a number of physiological changes that happens in the brain and body that help manage hunger and cravings.  This is a hot topic in the world of nutrition and exercise research, and studies are often ongoing.

Here’s a great little article I came across just today that inspired me to write this post:  Does Exercise Make You More or Less Hungry?

Each study will often outline a certain amount of time spent exercising, or a certain time of day that the participants exercised.  Keep in mind that these parameters are kept constant so the researchers can get clear results.  In my ten years of practice, I’ve seen all types of exercise, duration of exercise, and time of exercise, help people.  The constant in real life is; keep it consistent (i.e. exercise regularly).


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