Nutrition and Breast Cancer Prevention

mother nature

I work with many women who are looking to stay healthy and prevent illness.  It seems that one of the biggest illnesses that women worry about is Breast Cancer.  So many women have been affected by this illness, or whose loved ones that have been diagnosed.

There are things we can do to prevent the development of Breast Cancer.  It has been widely accepted that there are elements to our nutrition and lifestyle that can be protective.  Here’s my top 5 protective factors that can simply and easily be done everyday:

1) Increase Ground Flax Seed – 2 tablespoons daily

Read more here: on Flaxseed

2) Increase Vegetables, Especially Brassica (Broccoli) Family Veggies, Daily

Read more here: Cancer.or on Broccoli

3) Limit/Avoid Red Meat (Beef & Pork)

Read more here: Breast Cancer Risk Linked To Red Meat

4) Limit/Avoid Alcohol

Read more here: on Alcohol

5) Exercise Regularly

Read more here: Exercise Reduces Risk by 30-40%


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