Food: Faker than we think

For years I have been educating people during clinic visits on the quality of food.  The reality is, whole foods don’t lie.  If you are looking at a brown rice, a piece of lean protein and a side of broccoli, that is exactly what you are eating.  This is a really funny analogy, but it speaks the truth.  When we use whole food ingredients we are more likely to be getting real food and real nutrition.

This awareness started years ago when patients would bring me in “Noni Juice” to assess with them.  Noni Juice was the miracle predecessor to the all healing Goji Juice.  My patient would be focused on the claims on the label or the nice brochure it came with.  In contrast, I’d turn the bottle around and look at the ingredient list.  Time and time again, I’d see a variety of fruit juices as part of the ingredient list.  Pear, grape and apple juice would be right on the heels of the “Noni” juice.  I found this exact same situation when I reviewed the benefit of Goji Juice a few years back.

Recently, an independent US lab, the US Pharmacopeia (USP), examined a variety of popular foods for their quality and concentrations.  They looked at pomegranate juice, olive oil, lemon juice, spices and many others.  These manufactured foods were all found to be significantly diluted down with other substances.  For example, the pomegranate juice was diluted with (surprise, surprise) other fruit juices, olive oil was diluted down with cheaper oils, etc., etc.

This raises questions about labelling and Good Manufacturing Practices.  You can view the news report here:  Group Finds More Fake Ingredients In Popular Foods.

It’s great to have more transparency in the food industry.  As a Naturopathic Doctor, I have long been a believer and an advocate in eating fresh and healthy food in their whole form.  Also, we want to try to steer clear of food fads, invest in good quality food and invest in good food brands.  When we have balance in the food choices we are making, healthy food can be part of reasonable grocery budget, and it’s so much healthier for us, too.

Over ten years of practice, I have developed strategies to help people eat healthier and transition to a whole foods diet.  For customized Nutrition advice, to review food labelling and get clear information on food quality, or to get guidance with regard to a whole foods way of eating, visit with myself or my colleague, Dr. Charlene Kush, at WIN Health and Rehab Centre.


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