Homemade Egg Replacer


Picture this… My three year old and I have a dignified conversation about what he’s going to have for breakfast.  He wanted pancakes.  Super!  Ok, totally do-able… I had a great gluten free pancake mix in my cupboard that was ready to go!  He was happy as can be and went to wait patiently for his food. 

Bingo-bango!  I realize we are out of eggs, a necessary ingredient.  Yikes!!

There’s my son, quietly and happily pining for pancakes.  There’s my other son, our 14 month old, quietly and happily waiting in his high chair for pancakes.  This was a rare moment.  Most times, our kitchen is more like a noisy cafeteria for hungry hyenas.  As many can understand, I fretted about sending this smooth sailing breakfast mood into a tailspin. 

What to do?  Then, in a split second, it came to me!  Flax seed! 

We always have flax seed in the fridge.  I remembered that flax seed can be used as an Egg Replacement.  I had always wanted to try this out, and here was my chance!

It worked like a charm.  When water is added to ground or whole flax seed, it creates a slippery, gelatinous type of mixture that could easily be used as a binding ingredient.  That’s essentially what eggs often are; binding ingredients.  The only difference I noticed is that our pancakes were a little more golden brown because of the flax seed, but my kids didn’t notice.  The pancakes tasted exactly the same as they would have with egg. 

Here’s how to make the Egg Replacer out of Flax Seed:

Equals One Egg: 1 tablespoon ground flax seed + 4 tablespoons water –  Whisk together with a fork until well combined.

There are many variations of this recipe.  Flax seed can be used ground or whole.  I used ground flax seed because I knew these would disappear into the batter more easily.

This can be used as a substitute for eggs in baked goods that call for them.  This is great for those who have an egg intolerance or for anyone who is looking to get more fiber in their diet.  … Or in a pinch if you realize you are all out of eggs!  🙂



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