Everyone’s Talking about The Flu!


Its everywhere… “the Flu” is affecting a lot of people this year and it’s something to talk about!  It’s all over the news, I hear people talking about it where ever I go, even Meryl Streep has the flu

There is the debate… To get the Flu shot or not get the Flu shot?

Many people who got the flu shot at the beginning of the fall/winter season have still been affected by “the Flu.”  Doctors are explaining that this current “Flu” is different than the one they vaccinate against.  Some people are concerned enough that they are going straight away to get the Flu shot because they feel that this is their only option to prevent the flu.  We all know that Tamiflu isn’t likely an option this year.  Others, who ponder blanket medical treatments a little more, wonder how effective the shot will really be.  This is leading to confusion over whether or not to have the shot. 

Viruses are slippery little suckers.  They mutate and change year to year.  There are countless variations of the “Flu” virus.  Some viruses will cross our paths and never make us sick.  Other viruses will set up shop in our bodies and lead to a certain set of symptoms when they infiltrate our immune system. 

And it’s valid thought… how can one vaccine against one particular virus be an adequate strategy for prevention for everyone?  The vaccine is based on the previous year’s virus, which can mean very little when the virus mutates. 

The intent of the vaccine is to help the body create antibodies against last year’s virus, but by this time, last year’s virus is old news.  The new virus, which doesn’t even resemble the old virus, is hanging around, along with it’s 4 other virus friends!  The convetional medical community still recommends having the vaccine, but to me it seems like a shot in the dark. 

Plus, I have been reading for years that the Flu shot is largely ineffective.   At the time of a major health stir, we forget these reports.   Often, the media is so much louder and clearer on the direct message they are sending us…Re: Get Your Shot.

Thankfully, as a Naturopathic Doctor, I know there are very effective solutions for “the Flu” that can be individualized for each person, of any age.  There are options that can be done now to prevent the flu and strengthen the immune system.  There are also options for treatment if a person suspects they have the flu.

We can’t paint everyone with the same brush.  We are all biochemically unique, and when it comes to strengthening the immune system and preventing infection, following a customized treatment plan is the way to go for authentic health. 

My collegue, Dr. Charlene Kush, and I help people everyday by offering natural, effective and safe options for health.  In addition to addressing immune health in our regular patient vistis, and tending to acute infections during our Walk-In Visits, we have also specifically designed our WIN Immune Program that helps to educate people about cold and flu prevention, family immune health and what to do in case of an infection. 

If you have the following flu symtoms:

– Fever

– Headache

– Body ache

– Chills

– Fatigue

– Dry cough

– Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea

…or if you would like effective recommendations to prevent the onset of these symptoms, contact WIN Health and Rehab Centre at 905.354.0267 to arrange a time to meet with us!


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  1. Claudia · January 19, 2013

    Love this post. Great information!

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