Basic Nutrition Mindfulness

I’m always inspired to strengthen the nutrition basics in my life with the start of a new year.  I also encourage my patients to be mindful of the basics to good nutrition.  Good nutrition is tried, tested and true.  When following the basics, it’s easy to eat healthifully and use food as medicine to be healthy.

Dr. Laura’s 5 Nutrition Basics

1) Vegetables: Eat an abundance and a good variety of vegetables everyday.  If you’re not a veggie lover, it’s never too late to start loving veggies!  Start by find simple and easy recipes.  Gradually try new vegetables or increase the amount eaten in a day. 

2) Essential Fatty Acids: A daily dose of flax oil or fish oil does a body good!  Be mindful of the brand of the oils you are consuming.  Stick to high quality brands for the best purity. 

3) Avoid Refined Foods: Try limiting sugar, refined floury goodies, packaged food and pre-prepared meal items. 

4) Eat grains in their whole form, and ideally the gluten free grains: I’m talking brown rice, quinoa, millet, buckwheat and amaranth.  These grains are wonderful and there are many inspiring and delicious ways to use them!

5) Choose Lean Protein: Skip the beef and pork and choose fish, turkey or chicken.  Also, buying organic meat poultry, or fresh ocean going (not farmed) fish, whenever it’s availiable is really worth it for health purposes.  Finally, protein shakes can count, too!  So for those who love their smoothies, choose a good quality protein powder, like the powders from the Vega line.



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