Bare Beauty


This is refreshing…. I came across this article about a woman who gave up “beauty” for one whole year.  She choose to go about her 365 days without any beauty products.  I thought this was a totally amazing experiment.

Read about her experience and what this did for her here:  Young Mother Gives Up ‘Beauty’ for One Year.

The interesting thing about this women’s revelations is that:

1) Her discomfort paved the way for a shift to occur in her that resulted in a more accepting self concept

2) She started looking to keeping herself healthy to develop her natural beauty


When I did my yoga training in 2003, I spent a month competing my training at the Sivananda Vedanta Centre in Val Morin, Quebec.  It was here that I was able to have my own bare beauty experience.  For the month I didn’t wear any makeup.

I have to admit, when I arrived, I was shocked to find that there were no mirrors in the lodging except for a couple of small mirrors over the sink in the common bathroom all the ladies shared.  This was later explained to me by a staff member as something that was done purposefully; so those spending time there would not focus on their physical appearance.  In contrast to what was frequently going on in my ‘regular life’ before I my yoga training, I decided to re-route my energy towards cultivating a deeper appreciation for myself, who I am, what I looked like and my inner positivity.


When I got back to my ‘regular life’ after not focusing on my appearance for a month, I certainly did experience a shift in my perspective, very much like the women in the article.

I certainly enjoy many aspects of this modern day life that we live in, and there’s something about make up that fascinates me. Maybe it’s all the shiny colours… but I digress…. 🙂  Since the yoga training, I haven’t shunned make up, that’s for sure!  I enjoy wearing it and I’m also ok going without it.

Like all ideas that are meant to bring about self acceptance, this certainly isn’t an all or nothing option for people interested in trying it.  It is possible to try this out in small ways.  Maybe one day it’s putting on eye make up without mascara, maybe it’s going to the corner store and back with less make up on, or maybe it’s a trip out to do something without any make up on…. the beauty about getting in touch with natural beauty is that we can start anywhere.  Find what’s comfortable and try it out!


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