Stress & Illness


These days it seems like more people are showing the physical symptoms of stress.  In North America, our lives and lifestyles are full to the brim with responsibilities, things to do, places to go, people to take care of, expectations to be met and future plans to be realized.

The human body is designed to respond to stress.  The small daily stressors that occur in life trigger a stimulus to the body.  The body reacts, it gets us through the little stressor, physiology normalizes and we go about our day.  However, here and now, in the modern day world, the number of stressors that we experience in one single day is staggering!  Because of this, many of us are constantly managing small stressors from an physiological standpoint, not to mention the big stressors in life that involve relationships, work, homelife and finances.


Constant physiological responses to small and frequent stressors wear the body out.  Our innate defence against stress can only go so far before it starts to exhaust.  Exhaustion causes our body starts to raise red flags via physical symptoms and feeling unwell.

Some examples of this include:

– Feeling ill despite normal blood work

– Feel tired-but-wired

– Feeling exhausted

– Poor memory and concentration

– Variable Mood

– Disturbances in Sleep

– Skin conditions

– Heart issues

– Indigestion

– Feeling that metabolism isn’t working the way it used to

There are so many manifestations of chronic stress.  We might also experience a combination of these symptoms at once.


I’m inspired to write about this topic, since the holiday season tends to turn the stress up a few notches for many of us.  What better way to become more mindful of how something is affecting our health and wellbeing than when it becomes really prominent.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I’ve long worked with people who are feeling unwell secondary to stress.  Often times, the stressors are hard to avoid (e.g. a stressful job, moving homes or the death of a loved one) , or require time to eliminate (e.g. a change in lifestyle, navigating a difficult relationship).  When helping others find new possibilities to protect their health from stress, it’s my role as a Naturopathic Doctor to use solutions that will optimize their inner physiology of stress management.


I often describe this as creating an “invisible shield” against stress, that is individualized to that person’s specific physiological needs.  When we work on balancing and strengthening a person’s stress management physiology , they feel better and more effectively cope with the daily hustle and bustle.


My colleague, Dr. Kush and I, understand what it means to have full to the brim lives and trying to navigate a path of health.  We not only help others work on their health, but we also work on our own health everyday!  Through our years of working with others, along with our own life experience as working women, moms, wives and all around glue that holds it all together (yes I did just refer to myself as glue… I also sometimes feel like Gumby, but these days this isn’t related to yoga), we get what it means to feel stretched while working on staying healthy and balanced.

We have a very unique skill set in health care, along with many effective, safe and natural solutions to help others attain optimal health while living a modern day life.  We care about helping others feel their best and we love helping others discover new strategies when it comes to feeling healthy.

To visit with Dr. Kush or myself, feel free to contact WIN Health & Rehab Centre at 905.354.0267 or visit us online to learn more about us at


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