Creamy Dairy Free Salad Dressing


Thanks to a recipe shared by a friend recently, I found a great twist to my favourite homemade salad dressing that transforms it into a dairy free creamy dressing.  This rich thick salad dressing definitely has become my go-to healthy dressing.  It works well on green salads, and even grain and bean salad dishes.

… and would you believe, the simple thickening agent that replaces sour cream or cream cheese is simply Ground Flax Seed!

My favourite healthy homemade salad dressing goes something like this…

1 part raw unpasturized apple cider vinegar or lemon juice

2 parts olive oil

a good dollop of pure dijon mustard (you be the judge of how much or how little)

a little Himalayan sea salt to season to taste

… I whip this up with a fork and it’s good to go!


1- 2 tbsp ground flax seed (the more you add, the thicker the dressing)

… now with a fork, whip that into the dressing and within seconds you’ll notice the dressing starts to look just like a cream based dressing.

It tastes great and it’s super healthy.  This is a great way to ground flax seed into a salad without it being gritty or grainy.  The ground flax in the dressing virtually disappears.  Eating flax seed in their ground up state are the way to go!  When the flax seed’s hard outer shell is broken up, the nutrients of the seed are more readily available, as are the lignans (specific plant fibers) that are associated with decreasing cancer risk.

This recipe is fast, simple and versatile.  It’s little awesome things like this that make me happy in my kitchen.  😉


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