Warm Almond Breakfast Cereal

With our days getting colder, I’m looking forward to having warm breakfast cereals in the morning.  Often, the thought of a warm cereal brings oatmeal to mind.  Even though eating oatmeal everyday is a great source of fiber, this is a gluten containing grain and eating it too frequently can lead to the development of a food sensitivity to gluten or oats.

It’s a good idea to have a variety of warm breakfast cereals to choose from.  Gluten free grains, such as rice, millet and quinoa can be used to make a warm breakfast cereal.  They can be simmered in a pot on the stove with a little water or almond milk until they are tender.  Then fruit and nuts or seeds can be added to it, along with a little flavouring such as maple syrup, honey, cinnamon or vanilla.

I’ve been really enjoying an unconventional warmed breakfast cereal that I wanted to share in this post today.  I often make my own almond milk at home and the by product of this is almond pulp that’s left over in the nut milk bag.  I don’t like to throw it away!  Instead, I keep it in a tupperware in the fridge and make it into a gluten free warm cereal in the morning.

Here’s how I make it…

Simmer the almond pulp, a little almond milk, a handful of raisins and a sprinkle of cinnamon in a pot on the stove.  I simmer it for about 5 minutes just so all the ingredients warm up.

Then I add it to a bowl that contains 2 tbsp ground flax seed, fresh fruit (in this case a chopped banana) and a drizzle of maple syrup.  Mmmmm… healthy comfort food!  🙂


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