Bringing Back Brussels Sprouts

It’s true… I love Brussels Sprouts.  As a kid I didn’t like most vegetables but loved Brussels Sprouts.  Go figure!

So…  for this weeks recipe post, I thought I’d share a great recipe from one of my guilty pleasures.  There is a great website that is very progressive in it’s posting of healthy recipes.  This website is called FitSugar.

I enjoy the “Recipes” link on this site and check it from time to time to get inspired to make healthy dishes.  It’s great because, among their regular healthy recipes, they will also include vegetarian, vegan, dairy free and gluten free options.  Plus, the recipes are really great.  There are lots of pictures, and there is always plenty of ideas to inspire.

But I digress…

Today’s post is really about Brussels Sprouts.  Let’s not make them black sheep of the Brassica family.  Brussels Sprouts can be prepared in delicious ways.  They have a very potent nutrient profile and are an important vegetable to eat on a regular basis (or as often as possible).

Click here to check out Maple Miso Brussels Sprouts.  Enjoy!


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