Holiday Hoopla: Coping with Family Dynamics

It might be safe to say that most people have at least one family member that causes them some degree of stress.  All is good and well when we go about our usual life and can avoid uncomfortable encounters with “Aunt Sally,” but leave it to the holidays to create the opportunity for that encounter.

What to do?

I caught a fantastic segment on “The Marilyn Denis Show” that features one of Marilyn’s recurring guests, Joe Rich, Family Therapist.  They talk all about “Aunt Sally”, but more specifically, how to deal with the stress caused by common family dynamics during the holidays.

I thought this advice was great: realistic, practical and could be applied to any family situation, even outside of the holidays.

You can watch the segment, which is just under 10 minutes, here: Dealing With Family Tension During the Holidays.

I also highly recommend reading through the highlights from the segment listed below.  These are great to reinforce how to make the best of the holidays, especially in the presence of difficult family members.

Holidays can be a positive time to reflect on that which we are thankful for and to feel gratitude for the positive people in our lives. There are ways we can make the most of these special occasions, and learn how to enjoy ourselves, even while sitting across from “Aunt Sally.”


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