Fabulous Fajitas

I love Mexican inspired food!  It can be a healthy and easy dinner or lunch idea for the family, too!

With fajitas, fresh food options can be combined to make a delicious meal.  Plus, this is great for kids who can get involved and create their own fajita.

Here’s what I did for our family fajita night…

I was inspired to make fajitas because I had some fresh, sweet tomatoes from my dad’s garden and a jar of green tomatillo sauce (or salsa verde)… my favorite kind of salsa.

I also had some red bell peppers… so I sautéed them until tender.  Plus, I seared some chicken breast, for the men in my family who love meat, and cut it into strips once they were done.

And… here’s the final spread…I whipped up some guacamole and used my hand blender to mash up some white beans.  For the wraps, we used Ezekiel Sprouted Grain wraps.

These made great fajitas.  I made my wrap with a layer of mashed beans, a dollop of guacamole, a sprinkle of tomatoes, corn and peppers and then dressed it with the green tomatillo sauce.  My little guy wanted guacamole (his favourite) and chicken (his other favourite) and we rolled it up tight in a sprouted grain wrap and he practiced holding it all together while he took big bites!

There are so many options when making fajitas… and every family member can make it their own.  Serve this with some cooked greens or a big green salad and it’s a healthy Mexican inspired meal that’s quick and easy to make!


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