Late Night Veggies

Here I am… it’s Sunday night… and I’m cooking vegetables.  This is a quick little prep that I often do for the next day or for the week.  I pick a couple vegetables that I know I can cook quickly after the kids have gone to bed.  Then I’ve got a couple of cooked vegetables in the fridge to use for a lunch or to pull out a dinner time.

Tonight, I prepared two very diverse vegetables, but they are also two of my favorite: Butternut Squash and Baby Bok Choy.

For my Bok Choy… I very simply, separated the stems, washed it and put it in a non-stick pan with a little water, sesame oil and sea salt.  I simmered it with the lid on until it was tendercrisp.  In total, this took me about 15 minutes.

While the Bok Choy was simmering, I peeled my Butternut Squash, chopped it into large cubes and then put it in a second pan with a little coconut butter, water and salt.  I simmered it, adding a little water at a time as the existing water evapourated, and I did this until the squash was tender.  In total, the squash preparation took about 15 minutes as well.

Since the preparation of both vegetables overlapped, I’d have to say the total time to prepare both of these took me about 20-25 minutes.  Two hearty vegetables, ready in under 30 minutes and now I have them ready to go for meals in the days to come.

I try and do this twice a week… usually Sunday and again sometime mid-week.  It may not seem like an exciting thing to do on a Sunday night… but I have to say, I’m often very grateful when I open my fridge and can find healthy food ready to be heated when I need a quick addition to a meal.  It really only takes less than 30 minutes, which leaves the rest of the night for other soul nourishing things… [enter your soul nourishing activity of choice here].  🙂


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