WIN-ning Wednesday: Back To School Jitters

I can’t believe there is more summer behind us that ahead of us today.  We have just one last summertime long weekend to savour.  Once it’s past we are right into the preparations for the Fall season.  This is a time when everything is a buzz with that familiar anticipation of “Back to School.”

Going back to school can be a really exciting thing to look forward to for some children.  However, many children, especially young children, struggle with the transition from summer vacation with family and friends to the classroom.  There can be a great deal of anticipation, a fear of the unknown or the unfamiliar, separation anxiety from parents, nervousness about socializing with their peers and/or worries around learning and grades.

The Toronto Star recently posted a great article that looks at what we can do to help our little ones transition back to school.  The article “Back to school anxiety: How to cope with children’s fears” also opens with the common symptoms that emerge in youngsters who are feeling stressed out: restless nights, loss of appetite, tummy aches, tantrums and clinginess.  Seeing a child go through these difficulties makes for a concerning experience for many parents, too.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I have worked with many families and have recommended safe, natural and effective solutions to help children with the management of anxiety and the effects of stress.  By giving each child individualized options to address their unique health concerns, children can:

1) Feel more settled and balance

2) Better manage the experiences they encounter

3) More effectively express and deal with their emotions


Naturopathic Doctors can help offer natural, safe and individualized treatments for children of all ages, and for a variety of concerns.  If your child is struggling with going back to school, or experiencing anxiety or stress related health concerns, visit a licensed Naturopathic Doctor.


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