Garden Fresh

Enjoyed some garden fresh vegetables this weekend!

….Crisp, cool cucumbers….

1) Cucumber slices added to chilled water

2) Cucumber and tomato salads dressed with homemade olive oil and raw apple cider vinegar dressing, sprinkled with sea salt and pepper.

3) Cucumber “sticks” (sliced lengthwise) eaten plain or sprinkled lightly with sea salt

…. Sweet, fresh Swiss Chard…

Chopped coarsely, washed and blanched briefly until tender-crisp.  Then drained, drizzled with olive oil, combined with Romano beans and seasoned with a sprinkle of sea salt to taste.

Garden vegetables are a beautiful thing.

Ways to get some garden veggies into your meals:

1) Grow your own vegetables

2) Get together with family, friends or neighbours to share taking care of a vegetable garden

3) Visit a local farmer’s fruit and vegetable stand or local farmer’s market that sell locally grown produce.  There are so many in the region… just take a drive out to the Green Belt.


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