WIN-ning Wednesday: Seriously Burger King?!

Really?! Meaty ice cream in a cup?! Trying hard not to laugh or gasp!

I can’t believe my eyes.  Today I came across an article announcing the Bacon Sundae, a new dessert at Burger King.  Collective cringe anyone?

The article can be read here: Burger King to introduce bacon sundae.

Most of the popular fast food chains have jumped on the band wagon and are trying to get gold star stickers  by offering fresher and “healthier” alternatives like fruit smoothies and fresh fruit options.  Burger King was one of those restaurants caught up in the “health-conscious wave.”  But, really, let’s be honest… the options that really get people salivating at BK is the fast food.

Hmmmm… I wonder who thought up a bacon sundae?  I want to meet that person, or people.  I’m thoroughly intrigued.  Is this something they would enjoy?  I guess there are some really devoted bacon lovers out there who have just been dying to have a dessert devoted to their favorite food.

I wonder what that moment was like when someone said “Ta-da! The Bacon Sundae!”  … was there applause?  … maybe crickets?    Did anyone who thought up the bacon sundae, with its 61 grams of sugar, among other things, care at all about the possibility that they could be contributing to the soaring obesity rates, or chronic diseases related to diet, in North America.

Okay, okay… I know… it’s not fair of me to pick on this limited time dessert.  Even though BK’s meaty ice cream delight is on my blacklist, I really shouldn’t single it out.  The fact is, that there is a whole lot of junky food out there.

After working with nutrition for the last ten years, not much surprises me when it comes to processed food and fast food.  I’m always reminded that there is a “food industry” out there that is a business driven by dollars rather than health.  But every now and then, something so blatantly unhealthy, like a bacon sundae, gets my attention.

After I gave my head a shake, I realize that this is the yin and yang of food.  I’m grateful to be on the side of knowing what healthy nutrition is all about and how to prepare wholesome and nutritious meals and treats.  Naturopathic Doctors work extensively with nutrition, in addition to other natural therapies, to address health concerns or to encourage people to maintain their best health.

If you are looking for individualized nutrition advice, customized nutrition plans, or even just to have a good chat about the ins and outs of fast food and making healthy choices, visit with a licensed Naturopathic Doctor.


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