WIN-ning Wednesday: Breastfeeding On “Time”

Ok… stand back… there is a frenzy happening over the latest issue of Time magazine.  Have you heard?  Or rather… seen?  It features a very polarizing picture of a woman breastfeeding her child with the heading “Are You Mom Enough?”  The featured article focuses on the ideals of attachment parenting.

This cover, and secondarily the article, has stirred up a lot of debate.

I really enjoyed an inspired piece written by Lisa Belkin for the Huffington Post.  She’s fired up, understandably. The best thing about this article is the plea to look past sensationalism, cast off labels and judgement, and find an opportunity for discussion about broader topics.

Check out Lisa Belkin’s article here:  No.  I Am Not Mom Enough.

Well said, Lisa, well said!


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