WIN-ning Wednesday: Get Moving!

This beautiful weather makes me want to run down the street, pushing my baby stroller, belting out a song from the Sound of Music!  LOL!

The fresh air, sun and warmer temperatures are so inspiring to me to get active and enjoy the outdoors.  It also gets me revved up to step up my exercise.  Staying active is so important… and whether it’s indoors exercise at a gym, or outdoor activity, giving our lungs and heart a work out is worth it.  Strengthening these organs helps to move fresh, oxygenated blood around our bodies… to our muscles, our skin, our intestines… and to our brain.

A recent study that examined the association between physical activity and cognitive function.   Published in the Annals of Epidemiology (July 2011), the study showed that of the 27,651 participants (ages 50-85), those who exercised regularly had significantly better memory, concentration and focus.

We know how awesome it feels after we get going and get our lungs and heart pumping!  There’s that little feeling of clarity and, for some people, a boost of energy and mood afterwards.

Movement, activity, exercise… to each his own… Dancing, yoga, gardening, running, walking, Pilates, spinning or cycling, Tai Chi, exercise classes, swimming, hoola-hooping, skipping, stretching… there are so many ways to get moving and it’s all good!


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