WIN-ning Wednesday: Red Meat Rundown

Top: red meat dyed for consumer appeal. Below: red meat without the dye.

I love research.  Sometimes, scientific research can be frustrating because, for some health topics, research can show conflicting results depending on the study.  However, there are some topics for which the studies repeatedly prove the same thing.  In the field of nutrition research, the link between red meat and disease is an example of this.  In addition, the link between sugar and disease has also been solidly illustrated.

So… the recent red meat run down comes from the Harvard School of Public Health.  They also studied the effects of daily sugar consumption in the form of soda pop.

Just to add some clarity… the increase in the mortality rate was found to be about 20%, which the researchers feel is significant.  Twenty percent may not seem like a lot, however, as we age there are a number of factors that can tip the scales and put us at risk for disease and dying.  So, in addition to the study finding the link in the first place, we also need to remember that over time health risks can be cumulative.

These studies are being highly publicized, but they really just further underscore what we all know is true.  Hopefully, the media attention these studies get will help more and more of us to have an “a-ha” moment, and take action by making healthy eating a consistent part of our lifestyle.

Although many major media sites are presenting these studies, the concise Toronto Star article, written by Megan Ogilvie, which reviews the outcomes of the studies, can be viewed here: Red meat linked to higher risk of premature death: Harvard Study.


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