WIN-ning Wednesday: Remedy to the Rescue!

Here’s a healthy little thing that I like to keep as part of my first aid kid: Rescue Remedy.

Rescue Remedy is a natural, plant based, remedy that is available in a few different forms (liquid, spray, gum, lozenges) and can be taken by people of all ages in times of stress, anxiety or upset.  You can see why it would be a good part of any first aid kit.

When taken as directed it has no adverse effects, side effects, long term effects and is historically well tolerated by mostly everyone.  And, it is non-toxic if too much is accidentally given.

For it’s uses think…

– General stress and nervousness

– Anxiety, feeling overwhelmed

– Shock, Grief, Upset

– Sleep trouble

– To settle children who are tantruming, hyperactive or anxious

– Fainting


It’s one of the remedies that Naturopathic Doctors often recommend to people who need something during times of distress.  It’s best when taken in the moment.  It all depends on what the situation is, but for some people its enough to settle the system or take the edge off the upset they are feeling.  I’ve also recommended that it be kept in a purse, or in a pocket, for those who find themselves in need of stress support.

The range of preparations of the remedy makes it easy to use, too.  Being more a lover of classic preparations, I tend to favour the original Rescue Remedy in liquid form because I think it’s the most versatile.  It can be taken straight from the dropper in an instant for acute stress or it can be added to a bottle of water and sipped on through the day.

It’s a nifty little remedy that can be found EVERYWHERE now!  Health food stores, grocery stores, and some pharmacies carry Rescue Remedy.

Rescue remedy is a general remedy for acute stress and mild or temporary experiences with stress and anxiety.  This is not intended to treat chronic or lasting states of anxiety.

Licensed Naturopathic Doctors are trained to offer safe and effective natural solutions for people who struggle with anxiety based on their unique experience.  Visit with a Naturopathic Doctor to learn more.





One comment

  1. Claudia · February 2, 2012

    This remedy saved me from passing out during my wedding ceremony. Although it’s such an exciting time, brides can feel extremely overwhelmed with all the attention and stress. Thanks for helping me through that one! Awesome remedy!

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