Fruit Roll Ups!

I decided to make some fruit leather for a treat for our little guy.  I cut them into strips and rolled them up and they looked surprisingly like a healthy version of fruit roll ups.  The nice thing about fruit leather is that it’s just composed of fruit, versus a fruit roll up that contains sugar, corn syrup, dyes and fillers.  Dried fruit snacks can also be found at the grocery store, but just because it says “all natural” and “made from fruit” it still takes some ingredient list reading to make sure that it is made from just fruit.

I made these in my food dehydrator, but they can also be made in the oven.  Investing in a food dehydrator was something I did a few years ago when I was experimenting with some raw vegan concepts in my diet.  There’s a lot of neat things that can be made in a dehydrator other than beef jerky!  🙂

Healthy fruit roll ups being one of them…. here’s how it went down…

I wanted to make apple, blueberry and raspberry fruit leather.

This time of year I used organic frozen blueberries and raspberries and thawed them.

I used 2 cups of fresh fruit.  Plus, 2 cups of dried apricots or prunes that were soaked in water.  The soaked dried fruit will help give the fruit leather some strength and hold it together.

Then I pureed the fresh fruit and dried fruit in my food processor.  Finally, I spread the puree over a lined dehydrator tray.

These were my combos:

Apple & Apricot

Blueberry & Prune

Raspberry and Apricot

Apples and 1 cup apricots + 1 cup prunes

I put them in the dehydrator at 140 F for 8 hours.  Towards the end, when I saw the fruit leather had solidified completely, I peeled it off the liner and placed it back on the rack, with the underside up to complete dehydrating.  The fruit leather is done once it’s no longer sticky, but still pliable.

And… here is the finished product!  They were a hit with the fam!

To store them, they can be sprinkled lightly with corn starch an stored in an airtight container or rolled up in saran wrap.  I’ll post a picture of the rolled up version soon!  Enjoy!


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