WIN-ning Wednesday: The New Year Detox

As another new year starts, as does many a detox for those looking to get healthy or lose weight.  Those of you who know me, know I’m not a fan of the store bought “detox in a box.”  Here’s why… I KNOW, from years of helping others looking to “detox,” and by taking care of my own body, that the body is very capable of going through a significant amount of detoxification by just eating a clean diet and drinking enough water.

The major organs in our bodies… our liver, intestinal tract, kidneys, lungs and skin… are all organs of detoxification.  Their very role is to constantly filter, clear out and, in exchange, nourish our body with the good stuff.  These organs quietly detoxify the body 24/7.  When we give our body fresh natural food and pure water, these organs are given the means to effectively and efficiently detoxify the body of all the stuff that can clog us up and bog us down.

The “detox in a box” sometimes can involve taking natural cleansing agents while participants eat a highly calorie restrictive diet.  Some “cleanses” advise a day, or a few days, of not eating at all, while just taking the cleansing supplements and drinking fluids.  In addition to being really stringent, this type of plan is very “one size fits all” and this doesn’t take into consideration that everyone is different.  I’ve seen people have adverse experiences when following these types of plans because it didn’t suit them.

Also, I’ve seen many people do the restrictive plans and feel great, lose weight… then, when it ends, go back to their usual diet and gradually see their health problems, or extra weight, return.

It’s always been my philosophy that a detox should be food based (i.e. this involves EATING!!) and individualized.  Moreover, following the basics of good food (lots of vegetables, fruit, and rich sources of fiber), plenty of water, eating regular meals and avoiding certain problem causing foods (like wheat/gluten, dairy, red meat) can be a great place to start.  Doing a plan like this can help people feel great, but it’s also is a great way learn how to use food to support health.

Finally, a plan like this just might stick.  Whether it’s a few basics, or clean eating all together, it may inspire healthier eating over the long run.  Healthier eating over the long run will better support the body’s natural detoxification on a more regular and consistent basis, and will foster a more optimal state of health and well being.

There are many great articles online about using food to detoxify, but I found this concise little article that I thought I’d share with you on this topic.  You can view it here: Detox the natural way for extreme results by Melissa Dahl for Health on Today which summarizes Kerri Glassman’s segment on the Today Show.  Funny… I just saw this article and video today… but the video attached shows Kerri reviewing her top healthy strategies for detoxing, which mirrors the post I did on Monday (Hello!  2 Vegetables at Dinner!!)  🙂

In some instances, I know people who have tried using nutrition to help support detoxification and better health, yet didn’t feel much improvement.  In these cases, it’s all the more important to get guidance from someone experienced in individualized health care.

If you are looking for an individualized plan to get healthy for the new year, detoxify your body, lose weight or address a specific concern, visit a licensed Naturopathic Doctor.  Licensed Naturopathic Doctors are specially trained to offer people health care solutions and work with them to achieve their goals.


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