WIN-ning Wednesday: Topics Go Mainstream!

I recently came across two articles on-line that echoed posts that I had done in the past for WIN-ning Wednesday.  I love it when topics that are near and dear to me go mainstream.  The articles were posted on very well known internet health news sites.  When I see topics like this get more exposure it makes me hopeful that there is a more open mindedness in mainstream health reporting.

Back in August, I posted “Juicy Details” and wrote about orange juice and how it may not be as fresh as manufacturers would like us to believe.  On December 16, 2011, posted an article written by Susan Donaldson James who looked at the same topic.  She talked to moms who were equally surprised to find that a “secret ingredient,” otherwise known as the “flavour pack” used to enhance OJ flavour at the time of packaging, did not need to added to the ingredient list of these juices.  Again, making people question how fresh is the juice?

You can read this article in it’s entirety here: Orange Juice’s “Secret” Flavor Packet Surprises Some Moms

Then, in September, I posted “Probiotics,”  which looked at the benefit of using probiotics and the promotion of good bacteria.   On December 13, 2011, Lisa Collier Cool wrote and article for Yahoo Health on the effects of antibiotic overuse and noted repeatedly the importance of maintaining healthy bacteria in the body.  Most surprisingly, her article looks at the possibility of antibiotic overuse and weight gain, and in contrast, how maintaining good bacteria in the body can help support a healthy weight.

Her article can be viewed here: Are Antibiotics Making Us Fat?

I’ll do my best to keep bringing you relevant, important and hot topics in 2012!  I hope everyone has a very happy holiday!


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