WIN-ning Wednesday: Stress and Osteoporosis

We hear a lot about making sure our bones are supported early on to prevent the onset of osteoporosis.  Preventative measures such as regular/daily weight bearing exercise, eating enough calcium in the diet, limiting coffee, regular calcium and vitamin D supplementation, along with other solutions have long been regarded as the mainstays in the upkeep of bone strength.

However, I have talked with patients who have done all of this, and yet, find their bone density showing signs of deterioration.  Could there be something else flying under the radar that we can miss when it comes to bone health?

The first of the three most inconspicuous factors that are missed involves digestion.  How well, or how much, of the bone building nutrients are absorbed by the gut from our diet is an aspect not often considered by mainstream MDs.  So a person could be eating a lot of plant foods (which are mineral rich and great for the bones) or supplementing with Calcium and Vitamin D, but if their intestinal tract is not taking up enough of these nutrients, bone health can be affected.

Secondly, the long term use of certain medications can impact bone density.  It’s always important to really know the long term risks of using a medication that is prescribed.

Lastly, is the effect of stress.  The ill effects of stress has almost become cliche, but in truth, when stress is prolonged and not well managed it can cause changes in bone, it can affect organ systems depending on the unique vulnerability within each of us, it can affect sleep and energy, and it can speed the aging process, among other health changes.

I came across this great article by Dr. David Jockers, for the Natural News website,  that reviews the connection between stress and osteoporosis.  You can view the article here: High Cortisol Causes Bone Loss. 

It gives well rounded advice to help address stress and reduce the impact of it on the bones, but also discusses how stress causes bone loss.

Naturopathic Doctors take all angles of a person’s health into consideration when addressing a health concern like bone density support, or for those already diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis.  Contact a licensed Naturopathic Doctor for comprehensive health solutions if bone density is a concern.


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