WIN-ning Wednesday: Natural Body Care

I stumbled upon a new brand of body care products that I love!   I thought I’d post about it.

Here’s some back story for those who care… if not… scroll down to see the brand that this post is dedicated to.

I was looking for a bath soap/shampoo for my son that was natural and that I could find easily at a mainstream store.  I do enjoy scouting out the hidden gems of natural things for my lifestyle at health food stores (although it can be hit and miss depending on what’s in stock).  However, I have to admit that these days time is of the essence, so I do like the convenience of walking into a nearby store and being able to pick up the natural stuff, too!

I have tried a lot of different soaps, shampoos, conditioners, deoderants, etc., that are natural.  I have found my favorite natural brands for this and that.

The nice thing about using a natural body care product is that they often work just as well as the regular brands and their ingredients are often much less synthetic than the regular brands.

I encourage people to test out certain products and not to be disgruntled it at first they don’t succeed.  Everyone’s body chemistry is different, so it might take some testing to find out what the right fit is.

A good example of this is natural deoderant.  (Yes, I’m going to go there… the armpit specifically… a very important body part for so many people).  🙂

Many people elect to use a natural deoderant.  There are many reasons for this… some are concerned about the aluminum content in mainstream antiperspirants and deodorants.  Others are concerned about the risks associated with blocking perspiration in an area that is essential for detoxification of breast tissue.  What ever the reason, there are different natural deoderant options available and some work better than others depending on the person.  Some deoderant sticks are gel-like and plant based, some are cream-like and mineral based, and there are the ones that are a solid crystal.  Again, depending on biochemistry, one may get the job done better than the others.  I have experienced this myself and I’ve talked to many people who share similar experiences.

The reason that I mention this is because no matter what I write about on this blog, it’s always important to try it out for yourself and decide if it suits you.

The other disclaimer I’ll mention is that I don’t have any association to the company I’m about to mention.  Really, I’m not a silent partner or have shares in the company.  LOL!

Oh!  And the last thing… there are so many great brands that are natural, have a similar philosophy and similar products.

I’m going to mention this brand specifically because I was smitten with the products, the philosophy of the company and that I can buy it at Zehrs and Shoppers Drug Mart!

The Brand: Live Clean

I first came across this brand in the baby care aisle at Zehrs.  One day, I was picking up a bunch of random things and I needed a shampoo / bath soap for my son.  I noticed the bottle, read it over and thought it was a good option.  They also made baby lotion, diaper rash cream and a NON-petroleum jelly (cool!).

Then last night… I had to scoot out to get a hair conditioner for myself and didn’t have much time, so I hit a nearby Shoppers Drug Mart.  I was scanning the shampoo shelves and way down on the bottom shelf I saw it… Live Clean shampoo, conditioner and other hair products.  Bingo!

Why is this brand of body care products the new apple of my eye?

ALL of their products (no matter if for baby or adult) list these qualities:

– 98% plant derived

– Petroleum free

– SLS/Sulfate free

– DEA free

– Paraben free

– Phthalate free

– Phosphate free

– Pure Vegan

– Never tested on animals

– Biodegradable ingredients (i.e. non-pervasive)

– Hypoallergenic

– Tear Free (for the baby products)

That’s a motley crew of natural qualities!

And so… what’s the big deal about all these qualities listed above.  Why would a company care to pride themselves in these qualities?  Click here to read why:  All the Good without the Bad and FAQs.

So many mainstream shampoos, soaps, lotions, etc, contain many of the ingredients that the Live Clean products omit, and sometimes include synthetic fragrance and dyes.  The less we get of these ingredients, the better.

Finally, I loved that this brand has a variety of body care products for people of all ages:

– Baby Care products (shampoo, soap, lotion, ointments)

– Kids (shampoo & conditioner)

– Adults (lotion, hand soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, hair care products)

The only thing I’m waiting on is to see what kind of rating this line of products gets from the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database.  Fingers crossed!  I’ll keep you posted!


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