WIN-ning Wednesday: Belly Butter

For anyone who is pregnant, making plans to conceive or who knows someone who is expecting, this is a simple, healthy little consideration to know of…. Belly Butter.

There are many different types of natural Belly Butter.  These types of formulas are often found at the health food store, maternity stores, places that sell baby gear, some pharmacies and in the natural health section of the grocery store.  More natural brands will contain a blend of shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax and sometimes skin specific herbs like calendula.

These products are often sold in the form of a bar that can be rubbed over the belly, a salve that can be scooped up by hand and applied or as an oil or lotion.

Application of a Belly Butter can start around the 3-4 month mark, or when the baby bump starts to form.  It can be applied to the belly, but also women should consider including the sides of the midsection (where your arms lay when they are straight along your body) and hips.

During my first pregnancy, a friend recommended a great Belly Butter product from Moonsnail Soapworks, a small, independent company in P.E.I. that specializes in making 100% natural body care products.  I used their Sheabutter Body Balm, a puck shaped, deliciously scented, belly butter formula.  It was great!  I’m using it this time around, too!

A product like this can be applied once a day or morning and night.

I also alternated between the Body Balm and pure coconut butter during my first pregnancy.  Coconut butter is great for cooking, and it is a great pure and natural option to help with moisturizing skin.  Note… I kept a jar for cooking and a separate jar for my belly.  🙂

I know there have been articles published in the media that says nothing prevents stretch marks due to pregnancy.  However, every woman is different and many women respond to preventative measures, even when it comes to skin.

Our skin’s elasticity is directly related to what we eat, our lifestyle and how we treat it.  Keep in mind, the topical TLC for a baby bump is great, and in addition, drinking plenty of water, eating fresh wholesome foods, taking time to rest and de-stress and exercise will not only help keep expectant mom and baby healthy, but it can secondarily contribute to better skin integrity during pregnancy.


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