WIN-ning Wednesday: Environmental Medicine

Space Pollution! Seriously?!

There is a cutting edge field of medicine emerging known as Environmental Medicine.  This is the study of how our modern day environment is impacting our physical health.

Licensed Naturopathic Doctors have long been aware of the way the environment can create a “body burden.”  Due to modern industry, environmental disasters (like oceanic oil leaks and Nuclear Plant Meltdowns) and waste disposal (water, land, air and space) we have expelled contaminants into our environment that do not break down.  The most well known contaminants include heavy metals, chemical compounds, plastics and pharmaceutical agents.

Contaminants that do not break down easily once disposed of are known as “pervasive chemicals.”  These contaminants hang around in the soil, water and air.

Researchers in Environmental Medicine investigate how pervasive chemicals influence the physiology and anatomy of the living species exposed to them.

One of the best evidence based journals publishing articles related to Environmental Medicine is “Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP).”  EHP has a website that posts articles for free.  Under the “Featured News” heading (or tab) journalistic style articles can be accessed.  Under the “Featured Research” heading articles in scientific journal format can be reviewed.

There is also a “Search” feature that will pull up articles related to a topic of interest.  For example, I typed in “Thyroid” and interesting articles that came up included:

Mother’s Thyroid, Baby’s Health by M. Nathaniel Mead

Disrupting A Delicate Balance: Environmental Effects on the Thyroid by Valerie J. Brown

Lithium in Drinking Water and Thyroid Function by Karin Broberg et. al.

You can visit the EHP website here: Environmental Health Perspectives

Some of the most recently posted articles include:

Climate Change and Infectious Disease: Is the Future Here?   by Catherine M. Cooney

Does the Smoke Ever Really Clear?  Thirdhand smoke exposure raises concern.  by Adrian Burton

Most Plastic Products Release Estrogenic Chemicals: A Potential Health Problem That Can Be Solved.  by Chun Z. Yang, et. al.


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