Friday’s Foodie TV

Fridays will feature a post about the chefs I love on the Food Network.  These are chefs that make simple meals out of real food ingredients.  I often get ideas from these great chefs, and they may help to inspire you too!

Chef Chuck Hughes

He’s got slicked back hair.  Wears all black in the kitchen.  Rides a motorcycle.  Has a variety of tattoos.  And he was inspired by his mama’s cooking (awww).  To me he’s like the James Dean of Canadian chefs.  Today’s post is about chef Chuck Hughes.

Chuck Hughes has a restaurant in Montreal and is the host of  his own show “Chuck’s Day Off” for the Canadian Food Network and the Cooking Channel in the US.  I remember when I first watched his show and I thought… “who is this guy?”  During the show, he works away in a little kitchen space, where he neatly and skillfully whips up meals.

He does use fresh ingredients to make his food, yet at times some recipes are not a typical “healthy dish” (cue the Bone Marrow Mashed Potatoes – yikes!).  However, his cooking gives me ideas and often it’s not too much of a stretch to substitute certain ingredients for healthier ones.  Watching his cooking and meal ideas makes me think “How can I make that for my family?” and then, if it contains a food ingredient I want to omit in my cooking, I think “What can I do to adapt it?”  There are always options for substitutions, and these days our grocery store are making the “alternatives” in food more accessible to us.

Just for the pure inspiration of seeing what chef Chuck is up to in the kitchen on his day off makes this show one of my favourites.


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