Eye-ceem! Eye-ceem!

I thought I’d post this quick little recipe for homemade ICE CREAM.  Or, as our toddler likes to say, “Eye-ceem.”  He loves it, and it’s a healthy treat for kids (and adults) who love ice cream.

This is a DAIRY, GLUTEN  and SUGAR free option.  It’s super easy, simple and versatile.  And, it shouldn’t invoke tummy aches.

All it is composed of is …. wait for it….

Frozen Bananas!

Granted, this would have been a great post for the summer season, yet we still love to enjoy this ice cream year round when ever we get a hankering…. and better late than never.

Here’s How It Goes Down:

I peel and freeze bananas when they start to get brown or spotted.  Once frozen, they can be whipped in a food processor.  The end result is a smooth creamy ice cream-like base.  It resembles soft serve ice cream.

This recipe is versatile because you can create ANY kind of ice cream you want.  I’ve made it so many different ways.  Here’s a few things I’ve tried that have worked really well:

– Plain Banana Ice cream… just as is

– With a splash of vanilla extract or vanilla bean seeds for a Vanilla Ice Cream

– A few berries blended into it – fresh or frozen, but frozen works best (cherries, strawberry, blueberries, raspberries or a combination of these) for a Berry Sorbet

– Raw Cacao powder (+/- vanilla) for Chocolate Ice Cream

– Avocado or Mango – fresh or frozen, but frozen works best for a Thai inspired ice cream

– With chunks of Lara Bars added to it (our favourite is the Peanut Butter Cookie Bar) for a chewy ice cream treat

– With cinnamon, cardamon and nutmeg for a fall inspired ice cream

– All Dressed — Plain Banana Ice Cream topped with fresh chopped fruit, chopped nuts, coconut sprinkles, and/or homemade raw vegan Chocolate Sauce (look for this in an upcoming post)

– The possibilities are endless

To Prepare:

Needed: Frozen Bananas and a good Food Processor.  Keep in mind, my food processor is not a professional brand, is well used, and is probably about 6 years old, but it does the job beautifully.

Insert the “S” blade into the food processor.

Break up the banana by hand into 2-3 large pieces.

For a few seconds, process on low speed to chop up the banana, then medium speed for a few seconds.

Turn to high speed for remainder of processing.

The banana will chop up into little pieces, but as it start to melt a bit it will start to whip into a smooth creamy mixture.

***Note: be mindful of not over processing the  bananas because this can cause them to melt and not hold the thick ice cream consistency… it will resemble a pudding or a smoothie.

It will happen quickly, but the banana pieces will form a whipped mass.  This is when the ice cream is ready.

Topped with fresh peaches.

Yummy.  🙂


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