WIN-ning Wednesday: Happy Vegan, Mr. President!

Wow, first Mario Batali, now this!  I wouldn’t have believed it, but former US president, Bill Clinton, is a vegan!

I read an article recently talking about his recent nutritional changes since having heart health issues.  You can read the entire article here:  Bill Clinton: Poster child for plant based diet.

Nutrition and lifestyle has a very powerful preventative and curative impact on heart health.  It can help heart muscle integrity, optimize vascular strength, improve blood viscosity, normalize cholesterol and reduce or eliminate inflammation.

Our daily habits have long been connected to heart health.  It’s the little things every day that make a difference one way or another.  The right amount of good food and exercise, done consistently, can protect the heart and vessels over time, and not enough can compromise the cardiovascular system.

It’s just nice to see that, even at the age of 65, Bill Clinton is taking the initiative to take his life in a different direction for the good of his health.  It’s never too late or too early to start!


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