WIN-ning Wednesday: Natural Ointments

Ouch! That's gonna sting!

During the summer and winter season, skin health seems to be part of the seasonal health concerns.  In the summer, soothing a sun burn, mending a scraped knee or weathering a case of poison ivy can be examples of a few common summer season skin concerns.  In the winter, more people tend to experience dry skin and eczema.

There are a few handy natural skin aids that are easy to buy at most stores now, as many stores have a “natural” product section.  Also, you might be surprised by what we can whip up for our skin right at home!


Calendula ointment is a classic natural skin care option.  It’s renowned for it ability to help reduce redness and speed healing time.  It can be used for minor sunburn, superficial scrapes, eczema, diaper rash and dry skin.


I’m not talkin’ the neon green Life Brand aloe gel, that is mainly alcohol and food colouring!  Pure aloe gel is absorbed by the skin and is a very effective moisturizer which helps to nourish and hydrate skin.  This soothing property helps with minor irritation, redness, sun burn and dry skin.  The nice thing about the gel is that it absorbs well without leaving any residue on the skin surface.  Dr. Oz noted that a aloe gel can help soften and break down callouses, too.


This is another classic natural home remedy that can help sooth itchy skin.  This is a great option for those with itchy dry skin or itchy eczema.

3 tablespoons cornstarch

1 tablespoon Zinc ointment (can be found at the pharmacy in the first aid section)

Witch hazel extract, enough to make a paste (can be found at the pharmacy in the first aid section)

2 cups vaseline

Mix cornstarch and zinc together.  Then add just enough witch hazel to make a paste.  Mix paste thoroughly with vaseline and store in a small container.

Use: Apply a thin coat to affected parts.  Area can be covered with a light breathable dry cloth like gauze.


Vitamin E oil is great for scar healing.  This, and any oil, MUST be applied after cut skin is healed and closed.  Applying any oil to an open cut or to a cut that has not yet healed over can trap infection causing bacteria.

Using Vitamin E oil is easy.  Just buy a good quality capsulated Vitamin E oil (something from the health food store, rather than the generic brands at regular stores), puncture the capsule and apply a thin coat over the scar.  This can be done once or twice a day.


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