Little sprout

Hi Everyone!  I’m back from a week in Florida with my family and friends.  We had a lot of fun in the warm sunny weather.

Upon our return, as I was shuffling around late last night trying to get a few things in place before going to sleep, I noticed a special little welcome home.

For mother’s day my son gave me a little pot of soil that held a planted seed.  He made this gift for me at daycare.  When one of his classmates’ mom asked her son “What did you make for me?” and he replied “Dirt”  I couldn’t help but chuckle.  We did essentially bring home a little pot of dirt.  I wasn’t sure if anything would grow, but watered it and left it by my window.

It sprouted up while we were away.  It happened so fast.

It made me happy to see this fresh little green sprout, growing up to say “hello.”  Today I took the time to be inspired by the beauty and strength in tiny things.


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