Small and white, clean and bright…Almond milk.

I guess today I’m inspired by the sun, The Sound of Music, this fresh spring weather, the beautiful white tulips that I got as a gift yesterday and by my son, with today being mother’s day.

I’ve been making my own almond milk for a a few years.  It’s so easy to do.  It’s healthier than boxed almond milk because it’s fresher and free of added ingredients like emulsifiers and preservatives.  All it takes is almonds + water.  Boxed Almond milk is great in a pinch, but when I can, I make it fresh.

Fresh almond milk lasts only 24-48 hours because it doesn’t have any preservatives in it.

Here’s how I did it…

Start with 4 cups of water

Then 1 cup of raw unsalted almonds…

Add them to a blender…

Blend Away…Blend Well…

Next… I strain the almond pulp out of the milk.  I use something called a “Nut Milk Bag” that makes life simpler.  Some people use cheese cloth… if you have some of that laying around the house.  🙂

I can’t believe I’m going to admit this… but once, I used a (clean) nylon and it worked like a charm!

Here’s a nut milk bag.  You can order them at Truly Organic Foods.

Strain the milk… I pour mine into a sauce pot because it works for me… I’ve also used a bowl, a water pitcher…

Almond pulp can be saved in the fridge and added to cereals, oatmeal, muffins, other baked goods and smoothies for extra fibre.

Now doesn’t that look good?

Before or after straining Flavour Options: maple syrup, honey, dates, cinnamon, a banana, vanilla extract, cacao powder, etc, etc (my husband would probably add a shot of espresso!)…  make it your own!

Almond milk can be blended with fruit to make smoothies.  It can be enjoyed on its own as a chilled beverage.  It can also be warmed with a little cacao powder as a hot chocolate.

This whole process only took me 5 minutes.

And for the beauty of simple things… the simple beauty of Edelweiss.


  1. Lory Katakura · May 9, 2011

    wow, synchronicity is in the air!!!! I just recently let Kai watch the Sound of Music last week in Japanese though, he loved it…..Happy Belated Mother’s Day, Kai and Nobu bought me a pear tree to plant, we plant something for Mother’s Day every year. Hope you are well and would love to meet your little one soon.

    Lory and Kai

    • Dr. Laura Imola, BSc, ND (Licensed) · May 10, 2011

      Hi Lory… that’s so neat! Thanks for checking out the blog. Hope to see you again soon, too!

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