I’m in an Eat, Pray, Love groove.  Ever since chatting about the book and movie with my friend Christine, I seem to be surrounded by it.  Actually it started before our conversation.  There’s an Elizabeth Gilbert quotes site that I just love to go over.

The “Smile in your Liver” quote from my last post is one of my favourites from Eat, Pray, Love.

Then I caught the movie again tonight on T.V.  I love the scenes of India.  Some day I’ll get there, but in the mean time I’ll visualize myself there while I sip Chia Tea and enjoy listening to “Better Days” from Eddie Vedder.

I love Yogi Tea.  It’s made from all natural ingredients.

Yogi tea has a variety of teas… some are hard to find like, like Vanilla Hazelnut (delicious!) … but they are all so surprisingly full of flavour for being herbal.

Tonight’s tea is aromatic.  Sweet and spicy.  Cinnamon, clove and cardamon.  Making me and my liver smile.

And…this is my favourite of all herbal teas because each tag has a message on it.  Sometimes the message itself is the pick me up that I need that day.



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