Quickie Soup Time

We were outdoors enjoying this gorgeous sunny morning and by the time we got home I realized I needed to whip something up quick for my hungry little munchkin.  I remembered a quick soup my mom would make from scratch.  I put my spin on it and got it done in 15 minutes!  We both had a fresh healthy lunch before we knew it.

Here’s how it went down:

I put two pots of water to boil on the stove.  The small pot is for noodles.  The larger pot started to boil and I added one onion cut in half and a carrot.  I forgot I had celery sticks chopped in the fridge… I could have thrown one of those in, too… next time.

I used elbow pasta made out of corn.  Sometimes I use rice noodles, sometimes wheat noodles.  I like to mix up the refined grain products we eat and try to use gluten free options (things made from rice, corn, quinoa, millet) when we can.

I add a little homemade tomato juice.  A substitute to this could be chopped raw tomatoes, vegetable or chicken stock (either fresh or store-bought), 100% pure tomato juice (with no sugar or salt) or canned tomatos (with no sugar or salt ).

Boil… and we snack on sesame seed rice crackers with hummus and chopped fruit while we wait.

We love this hummus!  I find some store made hummus to be really overpowering in a particular flavour… usually garlic or cumin.  I think this brand of hummus has got it right.  Mildly zesty… yum…

My little munchkin also wanted some black olives.

Olives? Alright-y then!

Strain noodles… we’re at the 7 minute mark… a few more minutes for the broth.

…fish out the veggies, chop up the carrot (… I could have added the cooked celery, chopped up, too…oh well), season with a little himalayan sea salt to taste and there we have it!

Fresh, and maybe not as fast as you could say…Mmm…mmm…good…but fast enough!


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