Rushed… and making time to eat!

I was scurrying around this morning trying to give my little guy breakfast and pack up our stuff to make it on time for Michelle’s yoga class.  I quickly whipped up one of my most favourite smoothies.  A fast, nutritious and DELICIOUS smoothie.  This gave me energy for the class and held me over until I had lunch at noon.  Breakfast is so important to me, so I always make time to eat.  Now with a toddler, time is of the essence, so I’ve got to be creative in order to have something that tastes good and is healthy.  Here is today’s go of it.


I threw in:

1 frozen banana

1 tablespoon of each: Organic Hemp seeds, Coconut Oil, Peanut Butter (any nut or seed butter can be used — almond, cashew, sunflower, tahini, etc…)

A couple Medjool Dates

Then in went my favourite protein powder.  I like Brendan Braizer’s Vega protein powder.  Some love it, some hate it.  I happen to love it.  It’s a whole foods, plant based protein powder (ie. no whey) and when blended into a smoothie containing other flavorful things, to me, it disappears.  Of course, I used the chocolate powder, which made this smoothie nice and chocolately.

Blend it up…

Who needs an Aero Bar?

A quick healthy start to my day… It was so easy I managed to photograph it while I was doing it…

AND… I made it to my yoga class on time with lots of energy and focus.



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